2017 Safariland Expedition Multi-Gun

2017 Safariland Expedition Multi-Gun

Competitors were fired up to try out the fast and furious format at the inaugural Safariland Expedition Multi-Gun Match, taking place June 22-25 at the Pro Gun Club in Boulder City, Nevada. Despite soaring temperatures, more than 250 shooters lined up to take on the shooter’s choice match, with two guns per stage, minimal shotgun loading, quicker stages and faster scoring.

“The match is structured to keep things moving, and make it fun,” said Safariland Team Captain Scott Carnahan. “We wanted to allow a squad the ability to shoot five stages in under four hours.”

Pete Rensing, a 30-year shooting veteran, designed the match to have a total of 15 stages, with five stages per day/night. Competitors had the option to shoot stages during the day, and then complete those same stages at night. Over the four days, shooters could compete in multiple divisions.

Seven division champions were awarded:

Tactical: Scott Greene

Limited: Travis Gibson

Heavy: Barry Dueck

Open: Wyatt Gibson

PCC: Max Leograndis

Two-Gun: Bennie Cooley

2X4: Max Leograndis

Five Team Safariland members competed in the Expedition, including Rob Leatham, Scott Carnahan, Bobby McGee, Maggie Reese and Mike Voigt.

Thank you to everyone who came out this year who helped make this a huge success. Thank you Pete Rensing for creating such a challenging, fast-paced course, to the Pro Gun Club for hosting the event, and a very big thank you to all our sponsors!

5.11 Tactical, MGM Targets, Springfield Armory, CMC Triggers, AMTAC Suppressors, Hogue, STI, Gun Vault, Sierra Bullets, Liberty Lubricants, Surefire, Hiperfire, Vortex Optics, Seekins Percision, Glock, Odin Works, Gun Goddess, XS Sights, Rock Island Armory, Rainer Arms, and US Optics.

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