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Getting excited for Safariland Expedition? Us too. Here’s a little sneak peak to get you even more pumped for the fun to be had next week, can’t wait to see you all out there!

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Team Talks: Doug Koenig

Having the ability to switch out gear quickly and easily in competition can make all the difference. The Safariland ELS (Equipment Locking System) competition rig is used by Team Safariland member Doug Koenig for its speed and adaptability.

“It’s extremely versatile, and you have to have that versatility if you’re going to compete in the shooting sports today,” says Doug Koenig, winner of national and world championships in practical shooting, action shooting, all-around competitions, rifle events and steel shooting. Check out his demo on how the ELS locking system kit works with the Model 032 ELS competition belt and Model 014 Open Class competition holster.

The ELS rig is ideal for providing a mounting platform for any Safariland tactical or competition accessory for quick transfer to the two-hole mounting platform of the ELS competition belt. In addition, the Model 014 holster allows you to rapidly and easily make adjustments, so it can be used for multiple guns.

“I don’t have to reset the holster, have a separate holster and have that all set up,” says Koenig. “It’s just one system, one setup, and the gun is always in the same position. That way my draw doesn’t change, whether I’m shooting USPSA, Steel Challenge or NRA Action.”

One of the reasons Koenig loves using the Model 014 holster is that “It’s all about being consistent, fitting my body and fitting the system that I’m using,” he says. “It has adjustments for the cant, inside and out, and front to back so it really fits the shooter.”

Why is the perfect fit so important for competition shooting? If the pistol isn’t in the correct spot on your body—for example it’s canted too far forward or in or out—every time you draw and your finger hits the trigger in a different spot, you’re not going to get consistency.

“For accuracy it’s important to have consistency, it’s not necessarily about the speed draw, it’s about the gun being in exactly the same place every single time I draw the pistol,” he explains.

Add and remove accessories just as quickly with the ELS competition belt. “I can have single mag pouches, I can put on double mag pouches, I can put on AR 15 pouches, and once you put the receptacle in, it just slides in and you can adjust them on the belt.”


Over the past 30 years, Doug has won more major championships than any other shooter in the world, thus earning the title of “The World’s best All-Around Shooter.” Doug has entered and won national and world championships in practical shooting, action shooting, all-around competitions, rifle events and steel shooting.

His shooting titles include:

  • Winner of more than 70 National and World Championships
  • 2016 NRA World Shooting Champion
  • 2016 Florida Open Carry Optics Division
  • 10-time World Champion
  • 2-time Gold Medal Rifle winner at ESPN Great Outdoor Games
  • 18-time Bianchi Cup winner
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Welcome Keith!

“The process of getting good, the process of achieving the status where you’re successful is not an easy process,” says Keith Garcia, Team Safariland Ambassador. “And you have to be very detail orientated, and you have to break everything down to its base movements and then see where you can improve.”

It’s his method of continuously learning, and a dedication to practice that are just two of the ingredients that have made Garcia a six-time USPSA Law Enforcement Multi-Gun National Champion and two-time USPSA Multi-Gun National Champion.

We’re pretty excited to have Garcia join Team Safariland, not only because he knows his stuff and can teach others to be successful, but because his desire to improve and innovate fits right in with Safariland values.


You might be surprised to discover that before Garcia got into law enforcement, he’d only fired a handgun once or twice in his life. In the police academy he had his first exposure to shooting, and was serious about becoming proficient. Five years later he joined the SWAT team and was introduced to competitive SWAT team shooting. “So you run a mile, shoot one shot, crawl through a bunch of bushes, shoot one shot kind of thing, but it was a lot of fun and it was team building and it was exciting.”

As a result he was invited by one of the guys to a handgun shooting match. “It happened to be an all law enforcement match, a handgun match and I went to it and I ended up winning it — which was probably the worst thing that could have happened because I was totally hooked on it at that point.”


Not only did the win have him hooked, Garcia was under the impression he was pretty good. So he signed up for a civilian shooting competition and didn’t do well at all. “Even though I could win a law enforcement match, win a SWAT competition, I would be in the lower to bottom third when shooting against civilians.”

What was the difference, he wondered? Garcia realized that for the civilian competitors, shooting was their passion. They weren’t just doing it because they were told they had to carry a gun or had to qualify, like most officers. Even though Garcia humbly describes his early efforts in the competitions as “terrible,” it became a challenge for him “to be better, and be better with the people who were the best.”

Garcia kept at it, taking classes, practicing and getting better gear, and eventually wound up making it to the level of USPSA Grand Master.


The everyday practice for pistol-only competitions was taking its toll on Garcia’s arm ligaments, and so he decided to switch to 3-Gun, and found that by adding in the rifle and shotgun to the mix, his arms didn’t hurt anymore.

In 2003 Garcia shot his first National championships. “And I did horribly because I really wasn’t very proficient with it yet, but I wanted to try it and I did, and I saw people who were very good at it and I was inspired by it.”


If perseverance and ambition kept him going, it was practice and trust that elevated his skill level and earned him a second place finish at the National Championships five years later in 2008.

“So that was a good experience,” he adds. “Most of the gear, the belt and holsters, and shotgun shell holders, all that stuff was Safariland gear. And what’s nice about that, is I trusted the brand, because I’d been carrying the same Safariland brand as my police gear, for my whole career.”

In 2013, Garcia had a competition highlight when he won the 3-Gun Nation National Championship and $50,000 against 50 of the top three-gunners in the country. “And that was great to me because what it proved was my practice regimen, my gear and everything was top notch at that point.”


One of the most important ingredients to Garcia’s phenomenal success is his simple, but dedicated practice regimen. He believes that you have to do something every day to get better, or you’re not going to maintain your skills—you’re probably going to get worse. Methodically minded, Garcia broke down his sport into three phases: shooting, firearm manipulation, and transitions.

Because he could only get out to the range to practice shooting once a week, he spent every other day of the week dry firing, which involved practicing firearms manipulation (keeping guns loaded and running, fixing any malfunctions) and transitions (putting one gun down and picking another up) at home for 15 to 20 minutes. He focused on improving his efficiency, and by the time he got out to the range for live firing, he’d already practiced two of the three phases and could dedicate that time to shooting, while adding in the other two drills which were already well-practiced.

With his shooting competition, law enforcement, SWAT and instructing experience, Garcia brings an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge to Team Safariland, and we look forward to his contributions developing Safariland products.


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Team Talks: Scott Carnahan


Whether you’re climbing in and out of your vehicle, or having to move fast, a locking mechanism will ensure your handgun stays secure in its holster. We asked Team Safariland’s Scott Carnahan to give us a demonstration of the Safariland 7053 7TS™ ALS® Shoulder Holster, to see how the release and the locking mechanism of the ALS device works.

In a word, he’ll tell you the key is consistency. And consistency leads to speed and accuracy.

Smooth release, secure holstering. These are the advantages of the Automatic Locking System (ALS®). “As I get a shooting grip on the gun, I release the ALS lever with my thumb, and I can simply draw the gun out of the holster,” says Carnahan.

Scott Carnahan, Team Safariland, Safariland Expedition, holsters, gear, shooting, competition, competitive shooting, ALS, shoulder Holster

And, once your handgun is holstered, it locks securely into place. It’s simple, as there’s no fumbling around with hammer straps or thumb breaks.

The low-profile 7053 shoulder holster is worn in the horizontal position, and since it’s lightweight and compact, no belt tie-downs are needed. To get the perfect fit, adjust the elastic strap as needed.


Scott Carnahan is VP of Equipment Category for Safariland and Bianchi, and a member and manager of Team Safariland since its inception in 1985. A current member of the NRA World Action Pistol team, Carnahan holds three National Class Titles. He is also a Board member of the CPOA/BLEA California Peace Officers Association, Business Law Enforcement Alliance. Carnahan is an accomplished athlete, having competed at elite levels in sports as diverse as competitive shooting, go-kart racing, waterskiing, golf and motocross.

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Team Talks: Rob Leatham

If you want to win, you’ve got to be fast and accurate. To help you improve your competition shooting we asked one of the most winning pistol shooters of all time to give us his top tips.

Rob Leatham is an 8-time IPSC World Champion, an 11-time NRA Bianchi Cup Champion, a 17-time Single Stack National Champion and a 30-Time USPSA / IPSC National Champion.

In a word, he’ll tell you the key is consistency. And consistency leads to speed and accuracy.

“We all think accuracy is maybe just an element of the gun or maybe your trigger pull. But that isn’t completely true. The reality is, when the gun goes from not being in your hand when you’re carrying it in your holster, to when you’re going for your draw, nothing’s more important than that initial contact point to get you a grip. That’s what allows me to shoot accurately.”

In Leatham’s USPSA production rig, he uses a Safariland Model 5197 Open Top Competition holster with a USPSA kit for competition adaptability, a Model 032 ELS Competition belt, and Model 771 Open Front Single Magazine pouches. Leatham advises that consistency is the route to becoming faster and more accurate. The advantage of the compact and lightweight 5197 concealment holster is that you can mount it up exactly how you want, with the right angle, height and cant to get a perfect and consistent draw, time and time again. Leatham adds, “It’s because (the holster) holds the gun perfectly, it holds it in the right place, and it’s fast as hell.”

5197 Holster Features

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Detent in trigger guard for reliable weapon security
  • Genuine SafariLaminate construction
  • Low cut sides for ease of draw and added comfort
  • USPSA Kit is user adjustable for cant angle; can even be worn cross draw
  • IDPA approved

When Leatham’s not competing, he provides firearms instruction for the United States Military, various federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and civilian competitors.

His shooting titles include:

  • 30-Time USPSA / IPSC National Champion
  • 8-Time IPSC World Champion
  • 10-Time USPSA / IPSC National Senior Champion
  • 11-Time NRA Bianchi Cup Champion
  • 8-Time Steel Challenge Champion
  • 6-Division USPSA National Champion
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Safariland Expedition 2018

Competitors were fired up to return out to the fast and furious format of the second Safariland Expedition Multi-Gun Match: A Tribute to Michael Voigt, in Boulder City, Nevada. Despite the hot temperatures more than 200 shooters lined up to take on the shooter’s choice match. This year’s match was extra special as we also honored legendary shooter and Safariland Team Member Michael Voigt, who this year’s match is dedicated to.


This year, Safariland Expedition brought a new challenge to the stages—biometric readings. At specific stages we had our team out there with a biometric bracelet. The bracelet recorded shooters’ heart rate and body temperature while they were running through the course. This allowed us to show the shooters how their bodies were handling the stress of running the stage. We asked a couple shooters what they thought about bringing this new technology to the event this year, see their thoughts below.

“Using biometrics can take a shooter’s training to the next level! Are you staying calm? Too calm? Amped up? Too amped up? Biometrics can tell you!” -Maggie Reese Voigt, Team Safariland

“The use of biometrics in the shooting sports is revolutionary. It records live data which I can use for training in the future to be a better athlete.” -Bobby McGee, Team Safariland

Thank you to everyone who came out this year who helped make this a huge success. Pete Rensing, thank you for creating such a challenging, fast-paced course. And to the Pro Gun Club for hosting the event, and a very big thank you to all our sponsors!

Springfield Armory, Streamlight Inc., MGM Targets, Surefire, Vortex Optics, STI, Multicam, Magpul, Savage Arms,Liberty Lubricants, Titan Ballistics, Sierra Bullets, 5.11 Tactical, Glock, Heckler & Koch, Lucas Oil, XS Sights, Tactical Tailor, and Girls with Guns Clothing.

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Safariland Expedition Multigun Is Back!

Safariland Expedition is back! June 7 – 10th 2018 just got a whole lot hotter with another year of a four-day unique competition, at the Pro Gun Club just outside of Las Vegas.

Team Safariland

Two guns per stage, rifle shots under 100 yards, minimal shotgun loading, faster stages, and faster scoring, all to allow a squad the ability to shoot five stages in under four hours. Are you sweating yet?

Make sure to register today because this is one event your not going to want to miss out on.


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2017 Safariland Expedition Multi-Gun

Competitors were fired up to try out the fast and furious format at the inaugural Safariland Expedition Multi-Gun Match, taking place June 22-25 at the Pro Gun Club in Boulder City, Nevada. Despite soaring temperatures, more than 250 shooters lined up to take on the shooter’s choice match, with two guns per stage, minimal shotgun loading, quicker stages and faster scoring.

“The match is structured to keep things moving, and make it fun,” said Safariland Team Captain Scott Carnahan. “We wanted to allow a squad the ability to shoot five stages in under four hours.”

Pete Rensing, a 30-year shooting veteran, designed the match to have a total of 15 stages, with five stages per day/night. Competitors had the option to shoot stages during the day, and then complete those same stages at night. Over the four days, shooters could compete in multiple divisions.

Seven division champions were awarded:

Tactical: Scott Greene

Limited: Travis Gibson

Heavy: Barry Dueck

Open: Wyatt Gibson

PCC: Max Leograndis

Two-Gun: Bennie Cooley

2X4: Max Leograndis

Five Team Safariland members competed in the Expedition, including Rob Leatham, Scott Carnahan, Bobby McGee, Maggie Reese and Mike Voigt.

Thank you to everyone who came out this year who helped make this a huge success. Thank you Pete Rensing for creating such a challenging, fast-paced course, to the Pro Gun Club for hosting the event, and a very big thank you to all our sponsors!

5.11 Tactical, MGM Targets, Springfield Armory, CMC Triggers, AMTAC Suppressors, Hogue, STI, Gun Vault, Sierra Bullets, Liberty Lubricants, Surefire, Hiperfire, Vortex Optics, Seekins Percision, Glock, Odin Works, Gun Goddess, XS Sights, Rock Island Armory, Rainer Arms, and US Optics.

Visit more about Safariland Expedition at

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Safariland Expedition Multi-Gun: Lights Out!

They say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but it’s hard to keep things quiet at night during the Safariland Expedition Multi Gun. Once you turn the lights out a whole other world opens up. The lights are out and the strobes are on, and we have shooters running 15 stages of pure fast and furious fun. We sat down with shooter John McClain and match director Pete Rensing to tell us more about what to expect when the sky goes dark.

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Safariland Expedition Multi-Gun: Day 4

Competitors were fired up to try out the fast and furious format at the inaugural Safariland Expedition Multi-Gun Match, taking place June 22-25 at the Pro Gun Club in Boulder City, Nevada. Despite soaring temperatures, more than 250 shooters lined up to take on the shooter’s choice match, with two guns per stage, minimal shotgun loading, quicker stages and faster scoring.

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