Q. Do I have to be a “Pro” to shoot this match?

A. No, this match is open to everyone. The only request is that you remain safe.

Q. Can I shoot 2 divisions?

A. Yes

Q. Can I shoot 2 divisions on while on the same squad?

A. While your squad can be mixed limited, tactical, open, ect you are only allowed to shoot one division in one squad. This is to reduce the amount of time you spend getting gear ready vs reseting the stage.

Q. How hot will it be and what is the hottest part of the day?

A. 100 degrees and about 3-4 PM.

Q. What are the equipment restrictions for PCC?

A. PCC is open, so you can add as many scopes, and bipods as you want.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. $150

Q. What is the farthest shot?

A. 100 yards at a target no smaller than 6” All targets will be tested with a red dot equipped PCC to ensure that they are feasible.

Q. I see it says 4 days how does the schedule work?

A. Main match is Fri-Sat-Sun. Thursday is for the evening and night schedules to help us end on time on Sunday.

Q. Do I need slings?

A. No

Q. How much ammo should I bring?

A. Expect a total of 600 rounds, this will be tough to figure exact number due to the options available. Ammo will be available on site for those that do not want to fly with ammo.

Q. Will I have to shoot AM/PM, or on/off like some matches.

A. Neither, each schedule runs the same time slot each day. If you sign up for morning you will shoot the morning every day.

Q. When is payment due?

A. April 1st we will start deleting people out of the match if they have not paid. You can reenter, but it takes too long to see if someone is going to pay as many never reply to emails.

Q. Penalties seem low is that on purpose?

A. Yes, that is to encourage people to shoot fast on these short stages. There are some higher penalties in the rules for targets beyond 200 yards that will not be used for this match.

Q. Can I use lasers at night?

A. Yes, in all divisions.

Q. Can I use lasers in the day?

A. Not unless you are in open, 2×4 or PCC. 

Q. Where should I stay?

A. We are allowing camping/RV on the range, but it is dry with no water or electricity. There are several hotels in the area.

Q. Where should I eat?

A. Las Vegas has lots of great places, but some favorites that are not too far are Pin Kaow, (order number 10 if you are bold), Miller’s Ale House, Freddys, Remedy’s Tavern and, Weiss Deli.

Q. Do I have to wear the wristband?

A. Yes, without having a wristband on your arm the range assumes that you have been drinking since they serve alcohol in the clubhouse.