Team Safariland: Bobby McGee

Team Safariland: Bobby McGee

“There’s no room for error, you have to be perfect,” says Bobby McGee, about the absolute precision required in archery. And to be perfect, he practices relentlessly.

The mantra has taken McGee far in life. A U.S. Army Veteran, McGee is one of the best all-round multi-discipline competitive shooters, having earned the titles of USPSA 3-division Grand Master and IDPA 5-division Master, as well as winning many championships, including an IDPA National Championship. McGee’s discipline, expert knowledge and passion also make him a highly regarded trainer of civilians, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and the military. He is an instructor for the Safariland Training Group, and his specialized expertise contributes to the technical design and development of Safariland products.

We wanted to find out where his intense ability to commit came from. “At a young age my father told me, be phenomenal or be forgotten, and that’s something I carried with me for the rest of my life,” says McGee. “I’m always fighting to be on top.”

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