Team Safariland: Maggie Reese

Team Safariland: Maggie Reese


  • 2016 US – IPSC Handgun Champion
  • 3-Time National Champion USPSA Multi-Gun
  • 2-Time National Team Member IPSC World Handgun
  • Multi-time Ladies Champion at Superstition Mountain Mystery
  • 3-Time Iroman’s 3 Gun “Iron Maiden” champion
  • Host of Modern Shooter on the Sportsman’s Channel


Maggie Reese is a 3-time National Champion in USPSA Multi-Gun (rifles, shotguns, and pistols).  She has also won multiple champion titles at Superstition Mountain Mystery 3 Gun, MGM IronMan 3 Gun, and Rocky Mountain 3 Gun.

While well known as a multi-gun competitor, Maggie is also a top handgun competitor in USPSA and Bianchi Cup shooting both Open (which allows optics) and Iron-Sighted divisions.  She is the 2016 Ladies Champion in Classic Division at the US – IPSC Handgun Nationals.  She has twice been selected to represent the US as part of the Ladies Production Team winning alongside her team Bronze in 2014 and Silver in 2011 at the IPSC World Handgun Championships.

When Maggie is not shooting guns she’s talking about guns!  You can catch Maggie on the  Sportsman Channel as the host of Modern Shooter.  A “1911 girl” at heart, Maggie shoots professionally for Colt Firearms and regularly makes appearances on their behalf.  She is also a brand ambassador for Bushnell, Hoppe’s 9, Hornady, Surefire, and Safariland and enjoys introducing new shooters to the quality products they’ll need for the range.

Maggie is married to professional shooter Mike Voigt and enjoys hiking with her dog Murphy when she is not competing.

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