Team Safariland: Robert Vogel

Team Safariland: Robert Vogel

  • 2016 IPSC Standard Champion
  • IPSC World Champion and 2-Time IDPA
  • World Champion
  • 4-Time USPSA National Champion
  • 8-Time IDPA National Champion
  • 4-Time Pro-Am Champion

Robert Vogel is a professional marksman, competition shooter, and National/World champion. He is the only Law Enforcement Officer ever to win World and National Championships in the Practical Pistol Disciplines of IPSC, IDPA and USPSA.

Robert was born and raised on a farm in rural Saint Mary’s, Ohio where he became heavily involved in shooting, hunting and the outdoors from a very young age. After graduating high school he went immediately into a 2-year Police Academy program. It was also at this time that he began competing in practical shooting competitions. Fast forward a couple decades and at present Robert is now a 3-time world champion and 23-time national champion across 3 disciplines of practical/combat shooting and has been all over the World competing and teaching.  Besides this, he has been a Police Officer for over 13 years. Eight and a half of those years were spent as a full-time street cop while also being a member of the county’s joint-department SWAT team. During that tenure he also served as a firearm instructor for both the department and the SWAT team.

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